Thursday, September 13, 2007


The premiere issue of corduroy magazine is out and let me tell you it was worth waiting around for...a couple months back we were lucky enough to have a nice little interview with them and when I got my hands on the printed version last night I was very impressed!!! If you've not heard of the mag before here's their masthead "Corduroy is a magazine that profiles visionaries in the fields of art, music, film, fashion and design. Through a collection of written profiles, photo novellas and visual art essays, our goal is to introduce you to artists who think outside the box, sidestepping trends in favor of something classic. Part storybook anthology and part gallery space, this is a magazine that is as much about quality writing as it is about strong design. Like a favorite corduroy blazer, this is a magazine that simply never goes out of style." We're seriously honored to be part of the issue.

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