Sunday, December 30, 2007


If you've checked out the product line and have a vague recollection of Skateboarding in the mid 1980's you've probably recognized some of the names of the collection (Alba, Gator,Templeton, Lee etc) The "FARMER" watch we just launched with coolhunting is a little more obscure. When we decided to do a white watch I was looking for a name to connect with the theme, remembering back to professional snowboarder Shawn Farmer's part in the 1991 snowboard movie "Critical Condition" I decided I'd bend the rules a bit and add some old school snowboarders names to the lineup. Based on the rapping that Shawn Farmer does in the video I am confident that he's the whitest boy alive, hence the tie in with the watch! Quoting the man himself "We do it my way, This is my Resume, We do it my way what did I say?". (Of Special Note: Hot-tub scene with no women in sight)

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